Dear Parents and Carers,

It’s that time of year when we can pause just for a moment and reflect on the last year together. It has been full of highlights, not least being able to welcome our community back into the school for events and for our students to be enjoying extra-curricular activities again! Our newsletter aims to capture all of the fantastic opportunities and moments we have shared with our students, and I hope you enjoy reading about them.

I have mixed emotions writing my final end of term communication to you all as I say goodbye to Isca and move on to my new role within the Trust.

I joined the school in December 2015 and this was my first Headship and this will always make Isca even more special to me as I reflect back on my career. Even though I will miss daily life at school, I am so proud of how much we have achieved together and it has been a privilege to lead the school on this journey.

My ambition was always for Isca to become the school of choice for the local community, and this happened towards the end of 2020 when applications for 2021 entry exceeded student places. I’ve seen community confidence grow for the school and we are full on first choices for Year 7 for the second year, as well as the school doubling in size since 2015. It has been no mean feat to continue to improve the school through the pandemic and I am deeply thankful for the support of community, staff and students through this challenging period.

Our Isca values are underpinned by a strong belief in whole-child education and the importance of wider personal development which was strengthened by the introduction of our iLife programme this September. Additionally, we set up our Combined Cadet Force (CCF), and implemented the Duke of Edinburgh for all scheme, providing unique opportunities for children to grow in both skills and confidence.

Within 10 months of joining Isca, we had an Ofsted inspection and the school was graded Good which reflected the commitment and determination of our whole team. That team has grown and changed over the last 6 years but has always retained our unique Isca values and we undertook the most recent Ofsted inspection feeling confident and proud of the school. I am also optimistic for Year 11 results this year and look forward to sharing both these and the Ofsted outcome with you over the summer break.

Times of change are always difficult but I wish Isca and the whole community all the best in the next stage of your exciting journey. Although I will be leaving Isca, I will not be leaving the Ted Wragg Trust and will remain part of the values-driven organisation that has children and their communities at its heart.

I wish you all a restful summer.
Best wishes,

Aimee Mitchell