January 2021

January 22nd 2021 – Headteacher’s weekly letter to parents

January 15th 2021 – Headteacher’s weekly letter to parents

January 8th 2021 – Headteacher’s weekly letter to parents

January 5th 2021 – Isca Academy Letter to Parents

January 5th 2021 – Isca Academy Letter to Year 11 Students

January 4th 2021 – Isca Academy Letter to Parents
A start of term update from Miss Mitchell, regarding our Essential School for key worker children, remote learning for students in Years 7-11.

December 2020

December 31st 2020 – Isca Academy Letter to Parents
An update from Miss Mitchell following the latest advice and guidance issued from Government over the Christmas holidays.

December 12th 2020 – Isca Academy Letter to Parents
A letter from Miss Mitchell, rounding up our term at Isca Academy and giving important information regarding the end of this term.

November 2020

Following on from the recent Government announcement, you will know that schools are to remain open during the national restrictions. We are aware that many families will be anxious about their children returning to school next week and wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of our existing safety measures and update you with additional changes that we have put in place for when the children return next week.

Please read the LETTER from Miss Mitchell sent to parents on November 5th 2020.

Our COVID Risk Assessment document


  • All students should attend school in their full school uniform, as per the specifications given on our website. 
  • On days when students have timetabled PE lessons, they should attend school in their full PE kit to avoid the need to change during the day. On cold days, students who do not have a PE sweatshirt can wear their grey school jumper or school jacket but no other type of hoodie or top. On wet days, where possible, we will use internal spaces for PE to avoid students potentially having to remain in damp or muddy clothes.
  • Students should bring a lidded box or sealable plastic bag to store their masks or facecoverings during the day. Lidded bins in classrooms can be used to throw away disposable masks. Masks, facecoverings or PPE cannot be supplied by the school.
  • Normal expectations apply regarding jewellery, make-up and nails. Hair must be of a natural colour. Please ensure that you and your child remind yourselves of school expectations, as specified on our website, in preparation for the start of term.
  • The school remains a no mobile phone zone and any phone seen on site during the school day will be taken by staff and returned at the end of the day, in line with our school policy. Staff will be wearing disposable gloves when handling students’ personal items.
  • Ready to Learn (RTL) will apply as normal, with some logistical adjustments which will be explained to students.
  • In addition to the usual expectations of respectful and kind behaviour, students are asked to keep a safe distance from one another and from staff at all times on the school site. This includes avoiding all physical contact, eg. handshakes or hugs. If students fail to adhere to this despite reminders from staff, our usual sanctions (RTL) will be applied.
  • Students should not share or exchange stationery or personal belongings, or swap seats in the classrooms.
  • Students, like staff, will be expected to clean their hands and study equipment throughout the day using the sanitiser and disinfectant wipes provided.


  • If your child is not able to attend school for any reason, please contact the school in the normal way by emailing attendance@iscaexeter.co.uk or by calling the main school number (Tel: 01392 204082) before the start of the school day. If a child does not attend school and no contact has been received from parents, we will call home to clarify the reason for their absence in the usual way. It is really important that an accurate record of the reasons for absence is kept so please provide as much detail as possible.
  • We appreciate that these are exceptional times and each case of prolonged non-attendance will be treated individually, within parameters set by, and in consultation with, the Local Authority.
  • Students must remain at home if they or a member of their household has covid-19 type symptoms.
  • If a child develops Covid-19 type symptoms whilst in school, they will be taken to a designated isolation room and we will call parents/carers to request that the child is collected. In line with government guidance, the student will be advised to self-isolate for 10 days and members of his/her household for 14 days.
  • Any students presenting with Covid-19 systems, at home or at school, will be required to book a test without delay. The school must be informed of the outcome of the test on receipt. In the event that the test is negative, the student will be able to return to school, if they are well enough to do so.

I hope this clarifies arrangements for the start of term but please do contact us at: adminoffice@iscaexeter.co.uk if you have any questions or concerns in the meantime.

Letter to Parents – 11 09 2020