At Isca Academy we use email to send most information home, and text/phone for more urgent communication. All parents and carers should keep us informed of any changes to their contact details.
Copies of general letters sent home are kept on the Isca Academy website for you to view or download. You’ll find them in the ‘Letters Home’ section.

The Groupcall Messenger system allows us to contact parents quickly and efficiently.
We may use the system to advise you of the following:

  • Emergency notification of closures
  • Advise/acknowledge that your child is absent from school
  • Changes to meetings and after school events
  • Notice of detentions issued to your child
  • Parents evenings – bookings can be made online
  • Expected time of arrival when returning from a school trip
  • Upcoming special school events
  • Invitations to a meeting
  • Notification of Reports being sent home
  • General information about what is going on at school

Text Messages
All text messages sent from school will have the name of the school displayed at the top of the message. We will be able to see when the message has arrived in your phone and so we will know you have received it. If we are asking for information, you can respond to the text in the same manner that you would do with a standard text message – this will not cost you anything; the return text charge is paid by the school. 

Groupcall Xpressions app
Parents can also access the Groupcall Xpressions app where you will be able to view information on your child/children, accessing timetable changes, send messages to school (free of charge), and view school emails and other communications. The app is free of charge to you and can be installed on your mobile phone or tablet.
The Xpressions app is available to download free from your usual app store, or find a link on the Groupcall website where you can also find help to log on. You need to use the email address and mobile phone number that we have on record for you at school. If this is not correct then contact us with the new information.

Letters Home
Most communication and letters home are now sent out by email. This saves us a lot of money in printing and postage and means information comes direct to you rather than getting lost in the bottom of a school bag.
 Copies of general letters sent home will now also be kept on the Isca Academy website for you to view or download. You’ll find them in the ‘Letters Home’ section.