Home Learning During Closure

We want to reassure you that we have plans already in place, outlined below, to support you and your child with their learning during this period. We understand that this will be a challenging time for families and want to reassure you that the school will do everything it can to minimise the impact on your child’s learning. 

Whilst we will take all necessary steps on the students’ return to school to ensure that they continue to be successful in their education, it is important that students carry on with as much work as possible during their time off site. Students should try their best to complete all set work and contact the school via Google Classroom should they need any support.

We will be moving to year group timetables rather than individual timetables from Monday, 11th May, see link below. The lessons listed each day will be those which we recommend your child completes. This does not mean that your child has to complete the work in that particular subject during the designated hour if this is not feasible for your household, nor does it imply that the work has to take one hour to complete. However, subject teachers will now be available on-line to help during the hour allocated to each lesson on the timetable, and only at that time, so it is important that students requiring help follow the timetable to access the support they require in each subject.  All feedback and guidance will now take place through Google Classroom, and not via direct email, so as to streamline the communication traffic to and from teachers and to provide consistently accessible, timely support. A student guide to the new system is attached.

Of course, not all families will have access to the internet and if this applies to you, please let us know and we will provide your child with an alternative. 

We have also produced a guide for parents to assist you with supporting your child with home learning, which we hope you will find useful. This document can be found below.

Isca Academy Parent Home Learning Guidance

New online learning timetables effective from Monday 11th May 2020

Google Classroom New Timetables Student Guide

Google Classroom instructions

Students will be expected to access their learning remotely through Google Classroom. In order for this to be successful, we have trained all students on how to use this facility. Please see the attached guides should your child need a reminder.

Step 1 Logging in to Google Classroom 

Step 2 Joining an Online Learning Class

Step 3 Using Google Classroom

Teachers will endeavour to provide feedback via email, wherever possible. Staff will be accessing their school emails throughout this period. All staff email addresses can be found on the school website (see iscaexeter.co.uk/staff-list).

Access to Google Classroom on a mobile

For anyone having to access work all or some of the time on your mobile phone, there is a Google Classroom app to download. Please see the guide below for how to log-in.

 Google Classroom – App Guide

Online learning help videos

Some of the above guidance is also provided in video form here.

Isca email instructions

Instructions to help students access webmail can be found here.

Other systems (Sparx, MyMaths, Seneca)

MyMaths  – used in and managed by the Maths department. Teachers can reset student passwords.

SparX  – used in and managed by the Maths department. Teachers can reset student passwords.

Seneca  – used in Science. Students can create their own accounts, choose their own passwords, and add courses using codes shared in Google Classroom by their Science teachers. Students should use the ‘Forgotten password’ link from the login page to resolve password issues.

Accelerated Reader  – used in English and for literacy development. Teachers can reset student passwords.

Class Charts – used particularly for student wellbeing during remote learning. Teachers can provide students with their “pupil code”.

Forgottern Passwords

Should your child forget or use the incorrect password, these can be reset by emailing passwords@tedwraggtrust.co.uk. Please include the student’s full name, school, year group and details of the system they are trying to access.