Drama at Isca Academy is a vibrant department focussed on developing the skills that students need to succeed whether they pursue a career in the performing arts or not.

We strive to develop our student’s confidence in a supportive environment that celebrates everybody’s success and encourages them to gradually step outside of their comfort zone.

Drama helps develop so many of the skills needed to thrive in the modern world such as cooperation, creativity, self-discipline, communication and resilience. All this is achieved by focussing on creating, rehearsing, performing and reflecting across a wide range of playwrights, directors and dramatic styles.

Key Stage 3

 In year 7 students will build their confidence, physical skills and audience awareness through Mime and Clowning. Before exploring vocal skills and a variety of performance techniques through Storytelling Theatre.

In year 8 they will work on their ability to build a range of characters and sustain them in performance through a unit focussed on Improvisation. They will also explore new ways of approaching drama through physical theatre. They will also learn how all of these new skills can be applied to scripted work.

If students opt for Drama in year 9 they will develop their performance skills further by exploring a range of scripts from Pinter to Shakespeare using a variety of theatrical styles and approaches. They will also look at devising their own plays by researching source material and combining it with all the techniques they have studied.

Throughout Key Stage 3 all student’s will be encouraged to reflect on their progress and provide detailed, supportive feedback for others.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 we offer the Level 1/2 BTEC in Performing Arts – Acting. This is a vocational course studied over two years. The course contains a high level of practical exploration including workshops, devising work, rehearsals and performances. Alongside the practical work the students keep logbooks, research different styles and roles within the dramatic arts and present their findings to the group all of which contribute to their final grade. Students will explore a variety of styles of theatre in depth and use this knowledge to interpret and perform existing scripts and create and perform their own pieces of Drama from a brief.  There is excellent progression opportunities as Exeter College to follow the BTEC Level 3 course or pursue an A Level in Theatre Studies.