Virtual Work Experience Opportunities

Unfortunately, due to the current situation our usual work experience has been cancelled. However, we have put together a list of amazing opportunities of online or virtual work experience. This is a great opportunity for you to still learn about the working worlds and test out some occupations and subjects. Most of these virtual work experience programmes will also provide you with a certificate of completion, which is something you can add to your record of achievement, CV and future job/course applications. It will show that you still achieved employability skills and career knowledge. You MUST complete at least between 5-15 hours worth. For example, if you choose one which is 3 hours, you must choose another which is at least 2.


  1. Look at the list of the virtual work experience opportunities below and choose at least one opportunity to try. If you can’t find an opportunity that interests you, you may want to choose one from the general section at the bottom of the list. Some are work experience and some are short work related courses
  2. Click on the link to get to the website and register you details so that you can begin
  3. Nearly all courses all result in a certificate if you complete.

Medicine and STEM

Brighton and Sussex Medical School – becoming a Doctor
Have you thought about maybe becoming a Doctor or studying medicine? Work experience is an incredibly important part of this and it is essential that you start preparing yourself early. Brighton and Sussex Medical School have put together a wonderful opportunity for all who are considering medicine to gain some valuable work experience with them.           
Hours: Up to 30 but can have more if needed                                          
Certificate on completion: Yes


 Jacobs Juniors If you have an eye for detail and enjoy design, the Jacobs Juniors work experience will give you the opportunity to gain virtual work experience with a real, very successful company. You will tasked with designing a coronavirus research facility. You will be introduced to a wide range of STEM subjects  
Hours: 10 hours                                                                                               
Certificate on completion: Yes


Halliday Fraser Munroe This course is suitable for year 10 and 12 but if in year 10, it would be very beneficial to have a keen interest in architecture. This is a real company, who are running a fantastic work experience programme online. You will complete 2 tasks including designing a house for a celebrity.    
Hours: Recommend 15                                  
Certificate on completion: yes if you submit your files 

Digital Technologies You can work your way towards various ‘badges’ in IT safety, digital creativity and techniques to gain more knowledge and skills in coding and cyber security. If you complete enough points in the same section, you will obtain an online badge                                                   
depend on many units you want to complete       
Certificate of completion: virtual badge

Environmental Science – Global warming

If you have an interest in the environment and enjoy Science, this short course will introduce you to the factors which affect climate change.
Hours: 5                                                                                                               
Certificate of completion: Yes

Forensic Science and Fingerprints

How do Forensic Scientists operate? What is involved in using fingerprints as evidence. This course will introduce to the basic principles of forensic science in the working world.            
Hours: 5                                                                                                              
Certificate of completion : Yes

Psychology and Health and Social Care

First Aid Introduction to First Aid
Knowledge in First Aid is useful for all walks of life and different careers. It will obviously also be incredibly useful if you are considering a career in healthcare
Hours: 1-2
Certificate on Completion: Yes                 

Psychological Research
Introduction to Psychology for those who are interested in pursuing a career in any of the caring/social/Mental Health professions
Hours: 5                                                                                                              
Certificate of Completion: Yes

Social Work
Interview with a Social Worker A real life Social worker talks about their job and role and what is involved in becoming a Social Worker                                                      
Hours: 1 hour                                                                                                   
Certificate of completion: yes

Caring in Hospitals  If you are thinking about going into Healthcare, becoming a Nurse or another allied health profession then this is a really great insight into working in a hospital.
Hours: 8                                                                                                 
Certificate of Completion: yes


Introduction to Plumbing  
Great way of gaining some basic Plumbing knowledge if you are considering a career in this industry                  
Time: 1-2 hours                                                                                                            
Certificate on Completion: Yes

Introduction to Carpentry
If you are considering a career as a Carpenter,  then this course will introduce to the basic principles of structures and what is involved in being a Carpenter.            
Time: 1-2 hours                                                                                                        
Certificate on Completion: Yes                                                                                                                    

Education and Public Services

The World of the Primary School Considering becoming a Primary Teacher? This will be a great introductory course about the profession.   
Hours: 8
Certificate on completion: Yes

Sure, I Know How to Talk to People A great introduction to the Police Force using one of the most important skills, communication.     
Certificate on completion: Yes

General Employability

FreeFormers  This is an interactive video of someone on a work experience placement, at a Technology company You don’t need to be interested in Technology to do this virtual work experience. It gives you a great idea of what it would be like to carry out a work experience placement in a real company to give you a ‘feel’ for going into a new company and meeting new people. You will need to follow the link above and register an account to access the video.
Hours: 1         
Certificate of Completion: No

World of Work This is a great variation of work experience which explores a variety of types of work and also employability skills. You don’t need to register. You must click on the tab which says Monday and complete the 4 lessons on that. You must then choose at least 1 of the other days (for example Thursday) and complete the 4 lessons You don’t register on this so you must let your careers teacher know if you choose this option and which days you will be working through – they will then be able to access the certificate.
Hours: varies – at least 10                                                                            
Certificate on Completion: Yes