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At the end of our half term, the English department wish to give special mentions to the following students for their efforts and performances over the past week.

Miss Humphries and Mr Goldson would like to make a special mention to these Year 9 students for their engagement and knowledge of A Christmas Carol: Lily B, Toby B, Isabel B, Callum C, Oliver C, Niamh D, Rosie F, Verity H, Lucy J, Joshua N, Alice P, Jack S and Luke T.

Additionally in Year 9 the English Team have been really impressed with the work of these students for their engagement and/or quality of work are: Lucy P, Cass A, Henry D, Ellis H, Stephanie F, Lola H, Sam H, Jack M, Matthew M, Ed P, Oliver Y, Gabriela A, Mariah L Maja S, Charlie S.

Mrs Freestone would like to say how proud she is of some of her students who are constantly striving to make progress with their online work. In Year 11 JJ  has really impressed her with his commitment to completing his coursework. Paige D for her constant drive to do the best she can.  Faye V, Robyn W, Melrose W, Maya TF and Scarlett V can always be relied upon for their wonderful work and ambitious approach to developing their grade.

In Year 10, Mrs Freestone would like to recognise that Owen G, Braylon S and Renzil N have made positive contributions to classroom discussions this week.  Cody C has been working really hard each lesson and it is good to see Ellie D and Ella R’s engagement in the lessons too.

Mrs Goode says she has seen good work and excellent progress in evaluating Shakespeare’s intentions from the following students: Harry A, Ruby B, Stephanie B, Jake B, Will D, Edward G, Phinlay W, Rosie S, Ruby S.
She is also impressed by Zoe R for getting in touch to ask if we can learn how to write premises independently, and Nathan E for linking Shakespeare’s imagery to Aesop’s fables.

Mr Page says he has read a fantastic paragraph from Sam H in Year 9 which really stood out.  Well done Sam!