Year 11 Revision Schedule

Subject Leader will be running targeted revision sessions each week for all year 11s. Please support your child to attend where required. The Schedule for revision session can be found here.

To focus your revision in the lead up to your GCSEs we have prepared a number of resources to help you.

Weekly Guided Revision Tasks

Weeks 7 – 9

RE Week 7RE Week 8RE Week 9 / RE Week 10 / RE Week 11

Geography Week 7Geography Week 8Geography Week 9

GCSE PE Week 7GCSE PE Week 8GCSE PE Week 9

History Week 7History Week 8History Week 9

iMedia Week 7iMedia Week 8iMedia Week 9

Computer Science Week 7 / Computer Science Week 8 / Computer Science Week 9

French Week 7 / French Week 8 / French Week 9

Spanish Week 7 / Spanish Week 8 /  Spanish Week 9


Weeks 4 – 6

RE Week 4RE Week 5RE Week 6

Geography Week 4Geography Week 5Geography Week 6

GCSE PE Week 4 / GCSE PE Week 5GCSE PE Week 6

History Week 4History Week 5History Week 6

iMedia Week 4iMedia Week 5iMedia Week 6

Computer Science Week 4 / Computer Science Week 5Computer Science Week 6

French Week 4French Week 5French Week 6

Spanish Week 4 / Spanish Week 5Spanish Week 6

Maths Foundation Week 4 /  Maths Foundation Week 6

Maths Higher Week 4Maths Higher Week 6

Separate Sciences Week 4

Weeks 1 – 3

RE Week 1RE Week 2RE Week 3

Geography Week 1Geography Week 2Geography Week 3

GCSE PE Week 1 / GCSE PE Week 2GCSE PE Week 3

History Week 1History Week 2History Week 3

iMedia Week 1iMedia Week 2iMedia Week 3

Computer Science Week 1Computer Science Week 2Computer Science Week 3

French Week 1French Week 2French Week 3

Spanish Week 1Spanish Week 2 / Spanish Week 3

Separate Sciences Week 1 / Separate Sciences Week 2Separate Sciences Week 3

year-11-week-3-separate-homework WITH MS

Combined Sciences – Higher Week 1Combined Sciences – Higher Week 2/ Combined Sciences – Higher Week 3

year-11-week-3-combined-homework-CB7-higher WITH MS

Combined Sciences – Foundation Week 1Combined Sciences – Foundation Week 2Combined Sciences – Foundation Week 3

year-11-week-3-combined-homework-CB7-foundation WITH MS

Maths Foundation Week 2

Maths Higher Week 2


Subject Specific Revision Videos

Please note: These videos were prepared for the GCSE Exam season in Summer 2022. Teachers will update these for the current academic year.
Your teachers have recorded a short video telling you how to revise in their subject. Please see below and click to watch.





Computer Science







Music, Dance and Drama