To focus your revision in the lead up to your GCSEs we have prepared a number of resources to help you.

Weekly Guided Revision Tasks

Weeks 7 – 9

RE Week 7RE Week 8RE Week 9 / RE Week 10 / RE Week 11

Geography Week 7Geography Week 8Geography Week 9

GCSE PE Week 7GCSE PE Week 8GCSE PE Week 9

History Week 7History Week 8History Week 9

iMedia Week 7iMedia Week 8iMedia Week 9

Computer Science Week 7Computer Science Week 8Computer Science Week 9

French Week 7French Week 8French Week 9

Spanish Week 7 / Spanish Week 8Spanish Week 9


Weeks 4 – 6

RE Week 4RE Week 5RE Week 6

Geography Week 4Geography Week 5Geography Week 6

GCSE PE Week 4 / GCSE PE Week 5GCSE PE Week 6

History Week 4History Week 5History Week 6

iMedia Week 4iMedia Week 5iMedia Week 6

Computer Science Week 4 / Computer Science Week 5Computer Science Week 6

French Week 4French Week 5French Week 6

Spanish Week 4 / Spanish Week 5Spanish Week 6

Maths Foundation Week 4 /  Maths Foundation Week 6

Maths Higher Week 4Maths Higher Week 6

Separate Sciences Week 4

Weeks 1 – 3

RE Week 1RE Week 2RE Week 3

Geography Week 1Geography Week 2Geography Week 3

GCSE PE Week 1 / GCSE PE Week 2GCSE PE Week 3

History Week 1History Week 2History Week 3

iMedia Week 1iMedia Week 2iMedia Week 3

Computer Science Week 1Computer Science Week 2Computer Science Week 3

French Week 1French Week 2French Week 3

Spanish Week 1Spanish Week 2 / Spanish Week 3

Separate Sciences Week 1 / Separate Sciences Week 2Separate Sciences Week 3

year-11-week-3-separate-homework WITH MS

Combined Sciences – Higher Week 1Combined Sciences – Higher Week 2/ Combined Sciences – Higher Week 3

year-11-week-3-combined-homework-CB7-higher WITH MS

Combined Sciences – Foundation Week 1Combined Sciences – Foundation Week 2Combined Sciences – Foundation Week 3

year-11-week-3-combined-homework-CB7-foundation WITH MS

Maths Foundation Week 2

Maths Higher Week 2


Subject Specific Revision Videos

Please note: These videos were prepared for the GCSE Exam season in Summer 2022. Teachers will update these for the current academic year.
Your teachers have recorded a short video telling you how to revise in their subject. Please see below and click to watch.





Computer Science







Music, Dance and Drama