We are very proud of how our students present themselves and we receive many comments from the public about how smart they look.

Uniform is strictly monitored at Isca Academy and we ask that parents and students stick to the following items:

KS3 students wear:

  • Grey school jumper with school logo and house colours
  • Charcoal grey trousers or Tartan Skirt (skirt to be worn with black opaque tights, black or white plain socks – No leggings permitted)
  • House tie

KS4 students wear:

  • Charcoal Jacket with school logo
  • Charcoal grey trousers or Tartan Skirt (skirt to be worn with black opaque tights, black or white plain socks – No leggings permitted)
  • House tie

In addition, all students require:

  • Completely black shoes. No other shoes are permitted.
  • A white shirt with a top button suitable to be worn with a clip-on tie

Buying and Measuring for new Uniform – Summer 2020
As the rules regarding social distancing are still in place, we have to manage the purchasing of uniform in a different way this year. Instead of visiting our school shop, we will need you to measure your child and order uniform through one of two ways; direct either through Price and Buckland’s online service www.pbuniform-online.co.uk/iscaacademy or through the schools online ordering system, SCOPay.

Please see our letter regarding measuring for ordering the correct uniform sizes. Isca Academy Uniform 2020

Summer Uniform 

From 1st May each year, our Summer uniform means that blazers and jumpers do not need to be worn.
Reasonable adjustments will also be made if the conditions dictate (as determined by the Headteacher).
During the summer uniform season students may wear charcoal grey tailored school short. Shorts should be without cargo pockets or other additions.

Further information:

  • Studs in ears only; a small discrete nose stud – no other jewellery is permitted, besides a wrist watch
  • Extreme or offensive hairstyles/ hair colours are not acceptable at school and no bright colours (such as reds, blues, or purples) in all or part of the hair.
  • Make up can be worn but must be discrete.
  • Nail extensions are not permitted, and nails should be kept to a sensible length so that students can participate safely in practical subjects.
  • Name-labelling of all uniform is strongly encouraged
  • A strong bag is essential and should be big enough to carry an A4 file

All students are expected to come to school with appropriate equipment eg pen, pencil, ruler etc as well as any homework that is due for collection.  The Learning Resources Centre (LRC) in the library sells a wide range of school equipment at very low prices, for example a biro for 9p.


PE Kit
Students are also required to bring sports kit with them for PE lessons:

  • A Black Isca sports top with house colour logo and panels
  • Plain black shorts
  • Black long socks
  • Black school issued PE sweatshirt with Isca PE logo (optional)
  • Trainers: For wearing indoors and on the all weather pitch
  • Shin pads (these are essential for hockey and football lessons)
  • Gumshield for rugby and hockey – available either from school or sports shops
  • All students will require a PE bag to keep games kit separate from school books.

Outdoor coats or sweatshirts should be taken off before entering the building.  Uniform will be checked on a daily basis and any students not in correct uniform will be asked to change or wear uniform provided by the school.  As a parent, you may be asked to bring in correct uniform from home if your child arrives at school inappropriately dressed.