How do we reward scholars at Isca Academy?

We believe our scholars are worth celebrating at Isca Academy. Every day, our young people work incredibly hard. We are proud of all academic progress, no matter the scholar’s starting point. We never cease to be amazed by the commitment of our scholars to the wider curriculum, representing the Academy through sport, music, drama, Ten Tors, and public speaking. Perhaps most importantly, we recognise kindness, friendship and the building of positive relationships as essential to the unique ethos of our school.

We have three core aims when we praise our students:

  • To promote intrinsic motivation: pride in working hard
  • To celebrate academic progress
  • To recognise students who help others, show kindness, or make positive changes in their learning behaviour and aspire to scholarship

We recognise students’ effort and progress in a variety of ways:

  • In the classroom, teachers award Merits through the Class Charts system for positive engagement and readiness each morning in tutor time
  • Teachers use phone calls and postcards home to share good news with parents
  • Our weekly ‘Scholar of the Week’ board celebrates the successes of one student from every year group
  • Outdoor Education Awards Evening celebrates success in Duke of Edinburgh scheme and Ten Tors
  • End of term assemblies celebrate attendance and sporting achievement
  • Our most prestigious event of the year, Awards Evening, recognises outstanding progress and success in the previous academic year
  • Scholars receive shoutouts each week in ‘What’s On’ for their achievements in all aspects of school life
  • Scholars with 100% attendance are celebrated and entered into a weekly golden ticket draw to win a ‘Just-Eat’ voucher

At Isca Academy we believe that it is crucial to reward and inspire our scholars to ensure they are celebrated for all their achievements.