Learning from Home

We want to reassure you that we have plans in place to support you and your child should they need to be learning from home for any period. We understand that this will be a challenging time for families and want to reassure you that the school will do everything it can to minimise the impact on your child’s learning.

To ensure that students continue to be successful in their education, it is important that students carry on with as much work as possible during their time off site. When at home, we want students to log into Google Classrooms and follow their school timetable, this will ensure they remain in a regular routine and they continue to receive a broad and balanced curriculum.   We have exemplified this below.  

On a Monday Week A (AMon)
Period 1: Science
– they will log into their Google Science Classroom and work for an hour
Period 2: English – they will log into their Google English Classroom and work for an hour
Tutorial – we suggest they engage in independent reading for 30 minutes
Break – they take a break away from their working environment of 30 minutes
Period 3: History – they will log into their Google History Classroom and work for an hour
Period 4: Art and Design – they will log into their Google Art and Design Classroom and work for an hour
Lunch – Break – they take a break away from their working environment of 30 minutes
Period 5: Maths – they will log into their Google Maths Classroom and work for an hour
Homework – they follow their normal homework schedule (see student’s schedule in their homework booklet)

Every student has the list of Google Classroom codes stuck into the back of their homework booklet. These are also available here:

Year 7 Classcodes
Year 8 Classcodes
Year 9 Classcodes
Year 10 Classcodes
Year 11 Classcodes

Please note that you will only be able to sign in using your Isca email account.

We have shown students how to do this in school but we have also included a number of help guides below.

Of course, not all families will have access to the internet and if this applies to you, please let us know and we will provide your child with an alternative.  Please email your child’s Head of Year in the first instance.

We have also produced a guide for parents to assist you with supporting your child with home learning, which we hope you will find useful. This document can be found below.

Isca Academy Parent Home Learning Guidance

Each day BBC2 will be televising lessons for students who struggle with IT access or a number of children in one household who don’t have enough technology between them.  Please click here to access the resource.

It is also possible to access Google Classroom content using many common gaming consoles, although playing games instead is obviously a temptation. Although we cannot offer support for this, there are plenty of guides online, such as this or this, which might help if this is something you wish to explore. 

Remote Learning FAQs

Are available in this document.

Online learning help guides

If you are encountering difficulties, please refer to the help guides below. The most common issues are answered within these guides and will be quicker than asking for support. Students have also been shown these instructions in school.

Generic help:
1) Help to access Google Classroom, Office 365 email, Sparx, Tassomai and Class Charts: click here. (This guide should also be within your knowledge organiser.)
2) Help to find, complete and submit work: click here. (This ensures work is seen by teachers, marked, returned. It also helps ensure registers of student attendance and engagement are correct).

Central/whole-school systems:
3) Help to log into Google Classroom: click here. Help videos are also available here.
4) Help to join a new class in Google Classroom: click here. Help videos are also available here.
5) Help to use Google Classroom after logging in: click here. Help videos are also available here.

6) Help showing each step to access Office 365 email (we do not use Gmail for email): click here.

7) Help to access Google Meet: click here. (Google Meet is used for teachers to provide virtual lessons where entire classes are absent. Students will be made aware of virtual lessons, when these apply, through their class pages in Google Classroom.)

Departmental systems:
These systems are used within and managed by individual departments. Please follow the relevant instructions and contact your teacher if you need further help.

8) Logging into Sparx: click here.
9) Logging into Tassomai: click here.
10) Logging into Quizlet: click here.
11) Logging into MathsWatch: the username and password are posted in Google Classroom alongside any work which requires accessing MathsWatch.
12) Accelerated Reader and STAR Reading (Years 7 & 8 only): all of the necessary details are posted in your English Google Classroom.


Further help

If have any questions or queries regarding:

· Use or access of the Google Classroom platform
· Curriculum content
· Support for students with additional needs

Please email:  onlinesupport@iscaexeter.co.uk


Forgotten passwords & technical faults

Should technical difficulties arise, or if your child forgets or uses the incorrect password, please email passwords@tedwraggtrust.co.uk.
Please include:
a) the student’s full name
b) the school name
c) the student’s year group
d) the name of the system they are trying to access
e) a moderately detailed description of the fault.


Updated guidance for parents for supporting children’s remote education 

The Government have updated the guidance for parents to support their children’s remote education to provide more information for parents and carers as they support their children at home.

Please see the attached advice for top tips for supporting children during remote education, including links to information about the Reading Well booklist that supports mental health. Information on how to access online resources and services through your local library and online support for parents and carers to keep children and young people safe from online harm.