Curriculum Statement of Intent

The curriculum is much more than just lessons. It includes the ethos, attitudes and relationships which create the family life of our school. Our aim is to provide a broad, balanced and rigorous curriculum that meets the needs and aspirations of every young person and leaves them well prepared for their future.

The Visual Arts curriculum ensures that students acquire the visual literacy needed to compose, produce, interpret and decode visual information in a world that is, more than ever, image based. We aim to feed with knowledge and nourish with encouragement the visual intelligence and creative needs of all students, providing opportunities to develop their aesthetic confidence, especially of those that are creative makers and thinkers. We put the focus on the processes, providing a safe platform for creation through experimentation, risk taking and exploration.

The curriculum intends that by the end of Year 11:

1) All Isca students can acknowledge the visual arts as a valuable tool for human discovery, expression and communication.

2) All Isca students can identify and respect artistic talent as a positive trait in others and self.

3) All Isca students can acknowledge visual beauty and aesthetic pleasure.

4) All Isca students can look at a work of art with curiosity and wonder.

5) All Isca students can express a respectful informed opinion about the visual work of others.

6) Talented artists at Isca can be proud of their cultural knowledge.

7) Talented artists at Isca can present an advanced and comprehensive portfolio of visual investigations that will allow them to pursue a career in the creative industries.

Curriculum overview: topics studied during each stage of the year. Roadmap: an overview of the subject in a single image.