Curriculum Statement of Intent

The curriculum is much more than just lessons. It includes the ethos, attitudes and relationships which create the family life of our school. Our aim is to provide a broad, balanced and rigorous curriculum that meets the needs and aspirations of every young person and leaves them well prepared for their future.

The Languages curriculum is planned to ensure that students become the next generation of communicators who are tolerant, understanding, open-minded and able to reflect on their own language and culture as well as that of the target language.

The curriculum intends:

1) To foster an inquisitive mind with an enthusiasm for language learning

2) To raise awareness of the cultures of the countries of the languages studied

3) To teach students the phonics of the language, how to copy written and spoken language accurately, and recognise patterns in it (year 7)

4) To ensure students can apply grammatical structures and manipulate written and spoken language (year 8)

5) To give students the skills to be able to communicate comfortably within three time frames (past, present, future) in written and spoken language (year 9)

6) To equip students to understand and express views on a range of more complex topics in writing and speaking (year 10)

7) To encourage students to use their knowledge of language and linguistic skills to understand the written and spoken word and express themselves confidently in the target language, as well as providing them with the skills they need to confidently sit exams and have strategies to cope with the unknown.

Curriculum overview (French): topics studied during each stage of the year. Roadmap: an overview of the subject in a single image.
Curriculum overview (Spanish): topics studied during each stage of the year.