Isca Academy is an Inclusive School. We work hard to remove any barriers to education while retaining high expectations of every pupil.There are over 900 children in our school, all of whom are unique. We pride ourselves on our inclusive approach and are always working to develop what we do.

Isca Academy has the success of every child at heart.  This means that we accept nothing less than the best and we fully support every student to ensure they fulfil their potential.

We send out regular information through our electronic communication system which hopefully means that you never miss a letter at the bottom of a school bag. We encourage parents to follow the regular news of the school on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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At Isca Academy every student is given personal targets based upon their initial level and then supported at every stage of their development along the road to success.  Finding that delicate balance between challenging and assisting students is a key factor in our success.
We are aware that success cannot be measured in exam results alone and that the personal development of every student is crucial to their future path in life.  Changing children’s life chances and opening doors for their future is what we do.

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