We have three teaching and learning cycles each academic year.  In weeks ten and eleven, students, complete formal assessments in each of the subjects they study. 

Cycle 3 (final cycle of 2021-22)

  • Week 10 w/c 27th June
  • Week 11 w/c 4th July

Students will be issued with a personalised timetable the week beforehand so they know what assessments they have and when.

Attendance and Punctuality

You can check on your child’s attendance and punctuality by clicking here and following the instructions. 

Termly Reports

Each term, parents are provided with a full update on the progress, effort and behaviour for their child in each subject, as well as their attendance and the number of merits / demerits they have accrued.

We are delighted to launch our new reporting system using the platform Go4Schools (January 2022). This will allow parents to access ‘live’ data on their child whenever they wish.  For details of how to access this information or support, please click [here].

Accessing Reports

Instructions to access reports using Go4Schools can be found here.

Parents Evenings

Parents Evenings are held throughout the year giving parents the opportunity to discuss student progress with members of Isca Academy staff. Bookings for these evenings are now made electronically through the Parent Evening Booking System. Log-in details will be emailed to parents approximately 10 days before the event and they can then make appointments via the website

Dates for 2021/22 are as follows:
Thursday 14th October – Year 7 Tutor Evening
Thursday 11th November – Year 8
Thursday 13th January – Year 11
Thursday 3rd February – Year 10
Thursday 10th February – Year 9
Thursday 28th April – Year 7 

Appointments are usually available between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm on these dates.