Wellbeing Room

Students at Isca Academy receive the opportunity to attend the wellbeing room, a quiet, safe space for students to be calm and speak to someone about what is going on. Students can receive an exit-card, if deemed necessary, meaning they can spend time in the wellbeing room for 10 minutes as and when they need. A school nurse also visits frequently offering appointments as well as drop in sessions giving the opportunity for all students to attend.  All staff are to promote wellbeing of students and students are encouraged to speak to any member of staff they can about any issues. Isca Academy works closely with local charities and authorities to make sure all students receive the support they need.

Some resources that may be useful:

www.youngminds.org.uk – Children and Young Adult mental health advice.
kooth.com – Free online support.
www.childline.org.uk/ – Free help and advice for under 19’s.
www.youngdevon.org/ – Young person support in Devon.
www.mind.org.uk/ – Leading mental health charity.
www.lgbtqyouthdevon.org.uk/ – LGBTQ+ sessions that run locally.



Counselling is open to all students who want someone to listen to them and support them through difficulties or changes they are facing. Some may be concerned about their behaviour or how others are behaving towards them.

Counselling can help with a problem that seems small but feels large; difficulties at school or home; relationships, friends, and family; making difficult decisions; coming to terms with unhappy experiences.
It’s a chance to talk privately and be listened to. All conversations are confidential unless there’s a risk of harm and a need to involve others, when permission will be asked.

Students can refer themselves, by informing Ms Moore, they can also ask their Head of House or tutor to email a referral. Our counsellor is BACP accredited.