Starting at Isca Academy

Moving to secondary school can be both exciting and daunting. This is even more so now, in these unusual times when we are not able to do so many of the things we normally take for granted, such as seeing our family and friends or going to the park.  We are committed to helping you make your transition from Primary to Secondary School as smooth as possible.
At the bottom of the page you will find copies of all the letters and information that we send out to you so you can refer to it if you need to.

Dates for your Diary

  • Tuesday 29th June: New Intake Parents Evening for all Year 6 parents, 4:00 – 6:30pm
  • Thursday 1st July: Transition Day for our Year 6 students
  • 23rd – 27th August 2021: Summer School – details here: 2021 Summer School

Our Year 6 Transition Pledge

As part of the Ted Wragg Trust we are working closely together to ensure that the move between primary and secondary schools is a supported, personalised and smooth one, which recognises the needs of each individual child.

Isca Academy is part of the Ted Wragg Trust, which enables us to create exciting opportunities together which will prepare you for the future. The Trust schools have made a pledge to all of our students. 

Our pledge to you for transition, at Isca Academy.  


  • Do everything we can to ensure that every child has the best possible transition between Primary and Secondary school. 
  • Find a time for you to visit our school. 
  • Ensure you are fully informed and are able to ask questions at any time of year. 

We are committed to fully supporting your child in their transition by providing: 

  • Every child with a book to read by the time they start secondary school. 
  • An opportunity for every child to write to their new tutor, introducing themselves with what their hobbies are, what they are looking forward to about starting at their secondary school and what they are worried about. 
  • An introductory Maths and Science course via our exciting and highly successful SPARX and Tassomai programme. These programme are used to deliver Maths and Science at Isca Academy. 
  • A Knowledge Organiser ‘Getting to know your school’ and instructions on how to use cover, write, check to help your child familiarise themselves with their secondary school. 
  • A full transition programme that ensures the move between primary and secondary school is supported, personalised and one which recognises the needs of each individual child. 
  • A bespoke two day induction programme at the start of the autumn term to ensure a successful start for every child at Isca Academy. 

Making transition safe and meaningful

As a trust we intend to offer both an enhanced virtual transition and on-site activities. We are hopeful that we can organise revised, socially distanced on-site transition days before September as the situation allows.

We will continue to keep you updated with the opportunities we can offer as things evolve in the coming weeks. Please be reassured that:

  • Transition leads have met with the Year 6 teachers, SENDCo’s and other key staff to discuss every child joining their school and we are continuing to work with them throughout the transition process.
  • Transition leads will continue to communicate with the primary school headteacher and Year 6 teachers to keep them informed of any new communications and developments of the transition and the opportunities that we will provide our young people.
  • Virtual transitions have been launched and are evolving as an exciting introduction to your child’s new school.
  • We are increasingly confident that we will be able to support students requiring enhanced transition on our schools’ sites before the end of term.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions about starting at Isca Academy, please email them to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

The following staff can be contacted if you have specific questions:

Mrs Ali Moxey, Assistant Head, responsible for Transition,
Mr Henry Goldson, Head of Year 7,
Ms Jodie Carter, SENDCo, responsible for enhanced transition,
Mrs Janet Lee, Transition Administrator,


For a full list of uniform requirements and how to order items from our suppliers, have a look at our Uniform page.

Year 6 Transition Course – Maths

Over the summer term, we are giving all Year 6 students preparing to join Isca Academy access to Sparx Classroom to complete a bespoke Year 6 Transition Course. Sparx is a Maths online learning platform that is used extensively within the maths department at Isca Academy. The transition course is designed to allow Year 6 students to revisit the basics of written calculation, rounding and negative numbers in advance of starting secondary school Maths in September.
Year 6 Maths Transition Course – a guide for parents

Year 6 Knowledge Organiser

A Year 6 Knowledge Organiser contains the essential information that all students starting at Isca Academy should know. We encourage all students to learn as much as possible to make their start with us in September much easier.

A Virtual tour of Isca Academy with Mr Goldson, Head of Year 7

Our letters and Information

We will keep copies of all the letters and information that we send out to you so you can refer to it if you need to.

Letter from Miss Mitchell, April 23rd 2021
Letter from Miss Mitchell, May 17th 2021
Admission Form – ONLY to be completed if you have received notification of a place at Isca Academy for September 2021
Transition Information Booklet