Homework is an essential part of the teaching and learning process and supports students’ progress. Homework is significant because it teaches responsibility and helps students develop good study habits. In addition, homework can help to reinforce learning from within lessons, stretch and challenge student’s knowledge gains and helps prepare students for their future learning.

Parents have the facility to log into our homework system. Log in details are given to students by their tutor. We have also sent home a letter in September with individual parental log in details (sent home with your child, not electronically). If you require any assistance please contact the school on adminoffice@iscaexeter.co.uk
Parents can log in here: www.classcharts.com/parent/login

Setting of homework

Please click on the Homework Schedule Autumn Term 2020 to view the schedule for this term. This is an update to what is printed in the students’ Knowledge Organisers (Autumn 2020) this term. Students have now been issued with the correct version and have stuck these into their Knowledge Organisers.

Students are largely asked to complete 1 page of their Knowledge Organiser, per subject, per night (this needs to be T.A.N.C on Time, Accurate, Neat and Complete) unless otherwise specified by their teacher. The Mathematics department sets weekly Sparx homework (years 7-10 and fortnightly in Year 11), the Science department sets Tassomai, and the MFL (Languages) department uses Quizlet.  (Click the links for further details)
Students will require access to a portable device to complete these. If they do not have access to a portable device, please contact your child’s Head of Year in the first instance.

Students with additional needs

As we review our current homework policy we are introducing a ‘Concessions System’ this is to enable us to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to both the volume and nature of homework set for students with additional learning needs.

All homework concessions will be agreed by the Inclusion Team and the concession and our expectations will be clearly explained to your child by their tutor. The Inclusion Team are happy to support with this if needed.

Homework Sanctions

We want all our students to see the value of homework and therefore place a great emphasis on the completion of all homework tasks. It is also really important that students learn to meet deadlines so with this in mind we have reviewed and simplified the sanctions for homework.

If students have not completed their homework on time and to the required standard, they will attend a same day after-school detention for 45 minutes (3.15-4.00). Parents will receive a text message via Groupcall to inform them if this is the case. If a student has been unable to complete the work set, we would ask that families contact the school.

Support with Homework

The Academy recognises that there are sometimes circumstances where students are unable to complete their studies/homework. Therefore the library opening hours are extended beyond the normal Academy day (3.10-4.00 from Monday to Thursday), providing students with the support they may need.

At Isca Academy we are continually raising our expectations of what our students can achieve so that they are able to succeed and with this in mind, we are undertaking a full review of our homework policy and procedures. Please click the link to complete the QUESTIONNAIRE. The questionnaire closes at 3pm on Friday 23rd October.

Our Homework Policy can be read HERE.

Knowledge Organisers

Year 7 Knowledge Organiser Autumn 2020

Year 8 Knowledge Organiser Autumn 2020

Year 9 Knowledge Organiser Autumn 2020

Year 10 Knowledge Organiser Autumn 2020

Year 11 Knowledge Organiser Autumn 2020 

Homework Schedule, Autumn 2020

Knowledge Organisers from previous terms can be found here.