Catering Notice

School Catering is supplied by Aspens who specialise in providing catering services to schools. Aspens are passionate about great tasting food and offer a wonderful selection of choices. Offering great tasting homemade wholesome food, produced using quality, locally sourced ingredients. Food that is not only nutritious but keeps students coming back for more.

Please see attached Welcome Communication from Aspens. 

Isca Canteen Price List
September Term 2023 – Menu Choices

If you require further information on the above, please contact the school on 01392 204082. 

Special Diets/Allergy Form

Aspens are committed to providing meals for children with special diets for medical and cultural requirements. It is essential that all parties concerned work together when providing a safe, special diet and that this is reviewed with every menu change. Therefore, please ensure you complete our Allergy form. If the parents and the Headteacher are happy we will also display a ‘Food Allergy Record Sheet’ and a photo of the child on the kitchen wall near the server. It is vital that all forms are accompanied with a referral letter from a medical professional (GP/Consultant/dietitian). It is important the Operations Manager and Unit Manager have met the student’s parents/guardian and students requiring the special diet to ensure they give the right meal to the right child. This form should be completed fully and the reply will be given to Aspens staff on the school site.

Allergen Policy

Paying for School Lunches

Lunch payments and menu choices are made by parents using the SCOPAY app.
Payments are secure and allow parents to plan meal choices with their child and track what they are eating.

All students are issued with a unique access code so that parents can sign on to the web-based platform and the SCOPAY app.
If you need a new copy of this then please let the office know and we can re-issue it.

Free School Meals

Students who qualify for Free School Meals can select snacks and lunches from the canteen up to the value of their daily allowance and their accounts will have their pre-payment on them.
If you’d like further information please contact us on 01392 204082

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