GCSE Exams 2021-22

Summer Examination Dates 2022

Summer Exam Dates 2022 (updated 05/05/2022)

Letter to parents (May 2022)

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Letter to parents(November 2021)

Individual exam timetables

Your details.
Your name is shown at the top of your timetable. The name printed on your certificates is also shown, in case this is different. Your four-digit candidate number is shown beside your name. You will need to write this number on each of your exam answers.

The list of exams.
The list may appear daunting but please try not to worry. The summer period allows more time between each exam than the mock period, so it is hopefully less intensive. Please check the exams and any tiers (Higher or Foundation) shown. Please ask your teacher if you have any queries.

Language speaking exams.
Dates of Language speaking exams are shown with TBA (To Be Advised). These are set by the Languages department. Your teacher will inform you of the arrangements for speaking exams.

Exams with the same start times.
Where multiple exams are shown with the same date and time, these will run successively (i.e. one after the other). Examples include listening and reading exams for Languages and these match the experience in the mock exams.

Exam duration.
In a small number of instances, exam durations are shown as 0 minutes. This clearly isn’t true. The relevant exam boards are aware of this issue but exams should match the duration of those sat during the recent mock exam period. Your teacher or the Exams team can confirm the duration of any paper if you ask.


Other resources & guidance

Year 11 Conference Presentations from November 2021:

Year 11 Conference English Click for link
Year 11 Conference Science Click for link
Year 11 Conference Maths Click for link


Guidance on Contingency Plans for 2022 Click for link


Wellbeing during exams

Exams can be an extremely challenging and stressful time. If you are struggling to manage your mood or anxiety levels, don’t keep it to yourself.  Talk to someone – family, friends, your teachers and support staff. Have a look at our guide of stress-busting techniques and self-care recommendations.


Coursework/NEA (Non-Examined Assessment work)

If your subject involves coursework (also known as ‘NEA components’), you will have completed this in lesson time or scheduled controlled assessments already. This work is marked internally according to strict marking criteria and you will be provided with your mark by your teacher.

If you feel your mark is unfair, you may appeal it. In this case, the school will re-examine your work and the strict marking criteria. Following an appeal, your mark may increase but it may also decrease or remain the same.

If you wish to appeal, you will need to do so before a particular deadline. These deadlines vary for each subject. The exams team or any teacher can advise which deadline applies to a particular subject. To submit an appeal, please notify the Exams team as quickly as possible by email at exams@iscaexeter.co.uk or provide a letter to Ms Cotterill (Exams Officer) in F44 (opposite Ms Lyons’ Geography classroom).

You will be notified of the outcome of the appeal in writing before your mark is submitted to the exam board. Policies outlining the appeals process are below in the ‘Important Information’ section.


Important information – requirements & processes

Exam Board Notices for all Students

Information for Candidates – Social Media
Information for candidates – written examinations – from September 2020
Information for candidates – on-screen tests – from September 2020
Information for candidates – Privacy Notice
Information for candidates – coursework assessments
Information for candidates – non-examination assessments
Malpractice Policies and Procedure -2021/22
NEW: 2022 Internal appeals procedure (internal assessment decisions)
NEW: 2022 Internal appeals procedure (reviews of results & appeals)
NEW: Unauthorised Items Poster
NEW: Warnings to Candidates