Year 10 June/July Mock Exams 2024

Year 10 Mock Exams will run from Monday 24th June 2024 – Friday 5th July 2024.

A timetable for the June/July Mock Exams can be found here.


The Summer Exams 2024 (GCSE and Vocational)  timetable has now been confirmed and can be found here. This will be uploaded to ‘My Child at School’ and can be viewed by logging in to your account. 

Please note that Year 10s, together with a few Year 11s (new Scholars and those re-sitting) will be sitting all English Literature papers. Individual timetables will be distributed to Scholars after the completion of the March Mock exams.

All candidates need to be available up until and on the following days: THURSDAY 6TH JUNE, THURSDAY 13TH JUNE & WEDNESDAY 26TH JUNE. This is in the event of a national disruption/change from the exam boards. Please ensure you/your child is available for all these dates.

Results day will be on Thursday 22nd August 2024.


If a candidate arrives to an exam after the paper has already been started they may not be allowed to enter the room so it is imperative that students arrive on time.


  • Candidates are not permitted to communicate with any other candidates during an exam.
  • Candidates are not allowed to have a mobile phone, watches (digital/analogue/smart) or revision notes on their person. These items need to be in bags before entering the exam room.
  • If a candidate is found to be in possession of any of the above, we are duty bound to inform the exam board who may decide to invalidate their exam paper, even if the device is switched off.
  • Candidates cannot leave an exam room early even if they have finished their paper.
  • Candidates are not permitted to eat or drink during exams with the exception of water. The water should be in a transparent bottle with the label removed.
  • Candidates must show respect to and follow the invigilators at all times.


All candidates need to ensure they have a black pen (blue is not permitted), HB pencil & scientific calculator. All calculator lids need to be removed and any pencil cases need to be transparent.


If there is an examination clash, exams will be sat one after the other. The Exams Officer will be aware of this situation and will speak to any candidate concerned.

General advice

Please take some time to review the documents at the bottom of this page, under the “Exam Board Notices for all Students” heading. This outlines the guidance and restrictions which apply to all students nationally.

Data consent for Exams Access Arrangements

We require written consent from students to share data with the JCQ to process applications for Exams Access Arrangements. All Year 10 students are being asked to complete a consent form. This is to ensure everyone is treated in the same way and in case urgent applications are required for the summer GCSE exam period. Completed consent forms will be held by Inclusion and destroyed if they are not required. Applications for access arrangements will only be made following assessment by and consultation with Inclusion staff. The data consent form and privacy notice are available from the JCQ here.


Other resources & guidance

Revision support – Please see our Guided Revision page

Wellbeing during exams

Exams can be an extremely challenging and stressful time. If you are struggling to manage your mood or anxiety levels, don’t keep it to yourself.  Talk to someone – family, friends, your teachers and support staff. Have a look at our guide of stress-busting techniques and self-care recommendations.


Coursework/NEA (Non-Examined Assessment work)

If your subject involves coursework (also known as ‘NEA components’), you will have completed this in lesson time or scheduled controlled assessments already. This work is marked internally according to strict marking criteria and you will be provided with your mark by your teacher.

If you feel your mark is unfair, you may appeal it. In this case, the school will re-examine your work and the strict marking criteria. Following an appeal, your mark may increase but it may also decrease or remain the same.

If you wish to appeal, you will need to do so before a particular deadline. These deadlines vary for each subject. The exams team or any teacher can advise which deadline applies to a particular subject. To submit an appeal, please notify the Exams team as quickly as possible by email at or provide a letter to Mrs Luxton (Exams Officer) in F44.

You will be notified of the outcome of the appeal in writing before your mark is submitted to the exam board. Policies outlining the appeals process are below in the ‘Important Information’ section.


Important information – requirements & processes

Exam Board Notices for all Students

Jan 24: Preparing to sit your exams
Jan 24: Information for candidates – written examinations
Jan 24: Information for candidates – on-screen examinations
Jan 24: Information for candidates – coursework assessments
Jan 24: Information for candidates – non-examination assessments
NEW Sept 23: Malpractice Policies and Procedure -2023/24
Sept 22: Unauthorised Items Poster
Jan 22: Warnings to Candidates
Jan 22: Information for Candidates – Social Media
Information for candidates – Privacy Notice

2023 Internal appeals procedure (internal assessment decisions)
2023 Internal appeals procedure (reviews of results & appeals)