Year 11 Exam Revision Guide

All Year 11 students have now been issued with a copy of our exam revision guide. This contains details of all the summer exams, revision tips and guides for all subjects, and details of revision sessions run by teachers after school.

You can download an extra copy of this here.

Wellbeing during exams

Exams can be an extremely challenging and stressful time. If you are struggling to manage your mood or anxiety levels, don’t keep it to yourself.  Talk to someone – family, friends, your teachers and support staff. Have a look at our guide of stress-busting techniques and self-care recommendations.

Year 11 Mock Exams 2020

Year 11 Mock Exams will run from Monday 9th to Monday 16th March 2020.
Mock exam timetable can be downloaded HERE.

Exam Contingency Day – Wednesday 24th June 2020

Students must be available and able to come into school until 24th June 2020 in order to sit any exam postponed during the exam schedule and students will remain on our school role until this date.
This is a new ruling from the exam boards to allow for the rescheduling of any exam that might be postponed following local or national disruption.
It is imperative that the date is protected and not booked for holidays or other activities that might make a student unavailable.
Any further information may be obtained from Ms Sam Luke, Examinations Officer.

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