The Mathematics Department at Isca Academy continues to thrive and expand as the numbers on roll increase year on year.  Students at Isca Academy will be taught by an enthusiastic and innovative Maths staff who are specialists in their field.

Maths is split into two Key Stages; KS3 and KS4. Students in years 7 and 8 will follow the Pearson Active Learn scheme of work which encourages independent thinking. Online materials are available and students are encouraged to develop their skills by accessing these at home or during Tutor periods.  The KS4 Scheme of Work follows the Edexcel Exam Board which offers a seamless transition from KS3. Students at Isca Academy are challenged from the very outset which is why it is our ethos to begin their GCSE syllabus in Year 9.

Every child matters at Isca Academy. Teaching to the top across all areas means students following the Delta Scheme of work at KS3 have access to a GCSE Statistics exam in year 9. The Maths Challenge Awards have also been completed by those in the higher attaining groups; with the Intermediate Award taking place in KS4.  Students are set in ability groups which allows for specialist and differentiated teaching for each class. Students will receive the necessary intervention for them to make expected or exceeding levels of progress, through both Key Stages.  Setting is fluid at Isca as regular assessments identify pupil’s strengths and weaknesses.

Isca Academy uses Sparx as its homework resource for Mathematics across both Key Stages. It is set on a weekly basis and will follow the work completed by students in the classroom.  There are compulsory elements as well as optional and target tasks; all of which are personalised for each learner. Rewards can be earned online to encourage participation.

One of our roles as teachers at Isca Academy is to build those learning blocks that allow students to continue their education at college and other institutions; including work placements and apprenticeships. We are incredibly proud to say that a number of our students have received the preparation and skills necessary to join the Exeter Maths School following their initial teaching at Isca Academy.

The Isca Maths Team welcomes the input and continued co-operation from parents and carers and are easily contactable via email.

The Schemes of Work for each year group can be downloaded here  Mathematics at Isca Academy

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