The curriculum is much more than just lessons. It includes the ethos, attitudes and relationships which create the family life of our school. Our aim is to provide a broad, balanced and rigorous curriculum that meets the needs and aspirations of every young person and leaves them well prepared for their future.

The English curriculum is planned to ensure that students read confidently and widely; they are critical and challenge ideas. Isca students write both academically and creatively, and develop their own voice.

The curriculum intends:

  1. To introduce students to rich, canonical texts – and to generate discussion about their themes and ideas, and their relevance in today’s society.
  2. To provide every opportunity to learn new Tier 2 words, explore their meaning and origin, and begin to confidently use them in our speech and writing.
  3. To instil a love of reading, so that students become strong and passionate independent readers.
  4. To equip the students to express themselves eloquently and professionally in writing, and in speech.
  5. To foster an inquisitive mind with an enthusiasm for English Language and Literature.
  6. To raise awareness of different cultures, and timeframes through Literature.
  7. To develop students’ critical approach and understanding to the texts we study, and the world around them.

Curriculum overview: topics studied during each stage of the year. Roadmap: an overview of the subject in a single image.