The English Curriculum at Isca Academy has been designed to inspire, challenge and engage all our students. As a team, we work towards our students becoming rich readers and developing writers.  We teach mixed ability groups at Key Stage Three (Years 7-9) and broadly banded groups at GCSE; the Team are committed to challenging every student and helping every student grow, and we feel mixed ability groupings is the best way to do this in our subject.

Curriculum intent

Isca Academy English students are rich readers, having read and explored canonical texts.  Isca students are developing writers – both creatively and persuasively, and recognise that every word they write is an opportunity to become a better writer.  Our curriculum has been designed to empower every one of our students at Isca Academy, both at school and beyond the school gates.

Literacy in English

The English Team at Isca Academy teach a rich range of canonical texts to our students – texts that we feel are both important and exciting.  Alongside this, Year 7 and Year 8 follow the Accelerated Reader programme to ensure that every student can grow their reading skills, not matter their starting point.  The Team also are passionate about explicitly teaching new vocabulary – exploring the roots of words and looking for patterns.  The English Team are dedicated to closing the vocabulary gap for our students and as a result our classrooms are word rich.


The English Team offer Isca Academy students a wide range of enriching opportunities including: debate club to hone their speaking and listening skills; and theatre trips – we see an extensive range of productions, not just texts on our curriculum.