At Isca Academy, we want our young people to develop the confidence to follow their dreams, achieve well and be the best versions of themselves. We strongly believe that making positive choices is key to happiness.

PSHE lessons at Isca Academy have been designed especially for our young people as part of our school, local, national and international communities. Our spiral curriculum seeks to provide a sound basic understanding of a range of topics in year 7, revisiting them in greater depth in the following years.   Mental health and well-being is an on-going strand which runs through every topic, and positive relationships feature every year.

Lessons are a non-threatening space for well-structured discussion, debate, reflection and questions, where our young people are not tested or graded.

For more detail of what is studied in each year, please see the Programme of Study links.

PSHE Year 7 Programme of study

PSHE Year 8 programme of study

PSHE Year 9 programme of study

PSHE Year 10 programme of study

PSHE Year 11 programme of study