PE and Sport Science

The aim of Isca’s PE & Sport Science department is to create a learning environment where students are encouraged to take risks, develop confidence, improve physically literacy and take ownership of their learning, regardless of their ability. With every student in mind, our PE department offers an exciting and extensive curriculum to ignite a passion for sport. Throughout each year students have the chance to participate, lead and umpire across a wide range of sport and physical activities. Students also have many opportunities to compete in a wide variety of sporting activities with the intention to build character and to embed values such as fairness and respect. Our intention is that every student develops a love of learning and a desire to lead a lifelong healthy and active lifestyle.


Throughout years 7 and 8 students are exposed to a wide variety of sports including netball, rugby, football, hockey, gymnastics, dance, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, the use of our fitness suite, cricket and rounders. We aim to excite students and provide opportunities for them to participate in sports, which they may not have access to, or even be aware of, outside of Isca life. During each year, we embed three strands of sport science knowledge, seen below. Primarily, our ambition is to educate students of the benefits of exercise and physical activity as well as the importance of leading healthy lifestyles. This early engagement of sport science teaching also prepares those students who wish to pursue one of our sport science examination courses at KS4.

 Year 7 Sport Science Knowledge

  • Term 1: Warming Up and Effects of Exercise
  • Term 2: Components of Fitness
  • Term 3: Training Methods

Year 8 Sport Science Knowledge

  • Term 1: Respiratory System
  • Term 2: Skeletal System
  • Term 3: Muscular System



At KS4 we aim to build on the positive experiences and knowledge students have developed though KS3 PE. All students continue to participate in two hours of core PE per week throughout their time at Isca. In years 9, 10 and 11 students have opportunities to access a wider variety of sports alongside some that continue from KS3. These include trampolining, dodgeball and a variety of fitness classes. Students are encouraged to become more independent and gain experiences of sports which they may wish to continue post 16 education. Understanding of balanced diets, body types and the benefits of exercise are embedded throughout these years with the intention that students lead lifelong healthy and active lifestyles.

Sport Science Courses
Building on their experiences in Years 7 and 8, where students learn about the foundations of sport science, at KS4 students may choose to progress onto either GCSE Physical Education or OCR Sport Studies. Both courses provide the chance for students to continue their study post 16 at college and lead towards university and careers in sport.

GSCE PE (AQA) introduces students to the physiological and psychological factors that affect participation and performance in sport. Students are assessed in two written exam papers, coursework and their practical ability across three sports.

OCR Sport Studies explores contemporary issues in sport including the media, factors that affect participation and other issues such as performance enhancing drugs. Students are assessed in one exam paper, coursework, their practical ability and leadership, though the planning and delivery of a teaching episode.


Wider Curriculum
Isca offers an extensive range of opportunities for students to take part in sport outside of the curriculum. We are proud to have been awarded the School Games Mark, a nationally recognised award in recognition for outstanding provision for the development of participation and competitions across our school and community. Whether the individual is at participation level and wants to play with their friends for fun or those who aspire to reach elite level, we offer three different sports clubs every day for students to join. These sports clubs lead to opportunities for students to represent Isca in a wide variety of competitions both locally and nationally. Furthermore, Isca provides residential sports tours as well as opportunities to watch elite level sport fixtures each year.