Curriculum Statement of Intent

The curriculum is much more than just lessons. It includes the ethos, attitudes and relationships which create the family life of our school. Our aim is to provide a broad, balanced and rigorous curriculum that meets the needs and aspirations of every young person and leaves them well prepared for their future.

The Science curriculum is planned to ensure that students build on a set of observations, make informed decisions, and are able to ask valid questions leading to a love for, and understanding of, themselves and the world around them. Practical activities give students the opportunity to make and explain observations and apply their understanding to new situations. Lessons routinely link new scientific ideas with the applications that make them important, and opportunities for STEM careers and role models in different fields are discussed. Students think critically about Science stories in the news, and understand the impact it may have on them. Students leave Isca properly prepared for further academic study, and also understanding the relevance of scientific ideas in their everyday lives. The ultimate aim is to inspire an understanding and interest in Science and the world around us.

The curriculum intends to:

1) Understand the scientific principles that explain the world around us

2) Ask questions and look for evidence before making a decision

3) Recognise the importance of and opportunities available in STEM careers

4) Prepare for high-level academic study of Science

Curriculum overview: topics studied during each stage of the year. Roadmap: an overview of the subject in a single image.