Curriculum Statement of Intent

The Statistics and Further Maths curriculum is planned to ensure that students are stretched to a deep understanding of statistics they encounter in the world around them and a foundation of high level Mathematics required for further study.

The curriculum intends:

1) To develop knowledge, skills and understanding of key statistical methods and concepts. These include fluency in the 6 main strands of mathematics:

a) The Collection of Data b) Processing, representing and analysing data c) Probability

2) To equip students with the skills to approach and unfamiliar problems by applying standard & novel mathematical techniques.

3) To improve students’ mathematical reasoning so they can make deductions, inferences and draw conclusions.

4) To give all students opportunities to develop the quality of their written mathematics so that they can write logical mathematical arguments.

5) To develop students’ love of learning mathematics by providing consistent stretch and challenge & rich extracurricular learning opportunities.

6) To stretch those who wish to undertake further study in Mathematics at A Level and beyond.

Curriculum overview: topics studied during each stage of the year. Roadmap: an overview of the subject in a single image.