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Miss Lolin would like to nominate some of her Year 11s with their standout work this term.
Daisy H has shown a fantastic effort in her recent monologue – it was a pleasure to read such a deft historical piece of fiction! Daisy also achieving her highest mark yet!
Hollie C has demonstrated a fantastic effort in her recent monologue – Hollie is beginning to show a real flare for creative writing and is flourishing into a talented writer. Hollie also achieved her best mark yet and has made excellent progress all round since her November mocks.
Chloe E has shown great progress in her recent monologue. Chloe has achieved her highest mark yet and is all the more closer to her much deserved target grade now!
Kizzy S in Miss Lolin’s Year 9 class has been busy during Lockdown writing a book which she is publishing online. You can read it here https://www.wattpad.com/1017634413-dear-ash-chapter-1

Mrs Freestone has been impressed with the quality of Poetry Coursework her Year 11 class have produced. She wants to specifically celebrate Maya T and Caitlin C for the excellent progress made with their analysis skills.

Miss Tobenhouse has been working with students on the Lexia programme. In particular, in Year 8, Sommer M has been fantastic – she spends lots of extra time on Lexia and always has a great attitude to her learning.
Continuing with Year 8, Lewis L and Sophie B have also really stepped it up recently – sometimes reading in front of everyone can be a challenge, but they’ve been participating more actively in sessions which has been lovely to see.

Miss Crawford and Mr Maynard from the Inclusion Team have been working with some of our students to develop specific areas of English skills.
Miss Crawford would like to nominate Lucy H in Year 7. Lucy attends every single intervention and always tries her absolute best, contributes when asked, but is also not afraid to ask for help either. She has made some really good progress with phonic skills over the last few weeks and Miss Crawford is really pleased for her.
Miss Crawford’s second nomination is Bailey W in Year 7 – he always attends each intervention session and works really hard but Miss Crawford has seen so much progress in his phonic skills over the last couple of weeks in particularly – he’s really got the hang of it! Additionally, he is very polite and contributes to lessons when asked.
Miss Crawford’s final nomination is Ryan R in Year 7 – although he finds the work a challenge sometimes, he has put a lot of effort into developing his skills and has worked really hard to improve.
Mr Maynard would like to nominate Szymon D, who has attended every single session and really pushed himself to learn new vocab, complete all tasks set and to show evidence of work via email. Mr Maynard thinks you have worked really hard. You are showing progress and should be proud of yourself!

Mr Giles would like to say how impressed he has been with Jimmy D and Jake B. Their dedication to their phonics lessons is incredible and is noticeably improving their work in other subjects. Keep it up! Jimmy especially can always be relied upon to be present and ready to go despite patchy wifi signal!

Mrs Goode would like to nominate Ethan B,  Alice E and Nathan E in Year 10 for the high quality of their contributions and excellent effort in lessons.