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Accelerated Reader Successes

This week we would like to highlight those students who have completed, and passed, 3 or more quizzes on Accelerated Reader on books they have read in the last month.  We think reading a book is the most perfect way to escape some of the boredom of Lockdown that we may experience at times.  Try it for yourself.  There are free audio books available here: https://stories.audible.com/start-listen

Accelerated Reader website for Isca Academy is here: https://ukhosted107.renlearn.co.uk/1892265

7xEn1 – Peyton has passed six quizzes; Stanley has passed three
7xEn4 – Kara has passed five quizzes
7yEn1 – Molly has passed three quizzes
7yEn2 – Hallam has passed four quizzes
7yEn4 – Poppy has passed four quizzes; Clemmie has passed a fabulous nine!
8xEn3 – Edward has passed three quizzes
8yEn2 – Mary has passed three and Edie has passed an amazing eleven quizzes.
8yEn1 – Edward has passed three quizzes, Crystal has passed an impressive seven but the overall star of the whole of Isca Academy is Jake with an incredible thirteen quizzes passed!! Well done Jake.
8yEn4 – Rosie continues to do well passing three book quizzes this month.
Congratulations Year 7 and Year 8 Readers, your English Teachers are very proud of you all.

Additionally some of the English Team would like to specifically mention some of their students whose work or effort has particularly made them stand out from the crowd.

Miss Humphries says: Well done to her whole Year 11 class for the fantastic monologues you have written. She is so impressed with the progress and quality of all of them. In particular, well done to Isaac and Alfie who have both shown huge progress in their writing, and well done to Leah and Grace who both sound like published authors already. Amazing achievements from all.

Mrs Sherwood and Mrs Goode want to recognise a few Year 10 students have really stood out for their engagement with the content and ideas in ‘Macbeth’, and their willingness to share their thinking and learning in the chat function: Tom M, Lily M, Violet H, Eva McK, Eva McA, Ellie M, Rosie S, Cody G, Cody D, Chris C, Jacob P, Chloe T, Rianna B-T, Rhianna H, Harry C, Amber McK, Jake B, Freya B, Alice E, Gabe B, Poppy C, Rosa W, Aleesha M, Caitlin V, Daisy May P, Josh W-H, Bayan F, Jake T, Rachel C-H, Charlotte B, Ruby W.

Mrs Freestone would like to recognise the excellent work in Year11 from students who have worked hard to catch up with the schedule of work: Jenna S, Bella P, Paige D, Ella K amongst many more.  It is good to see that you are being encouraged by staff that it is never too late to start doing the work. Your teachers are always here to support you.