English Rewards | News

The English team will be sharing the work of students each week, celebrating the excellent work they see from students in their online classrooms, written work they are receiving, and the work of Essential School students on-site in our classrooms.
Well done to all those that get a mention here, and also to everyone who is participating in and making lessons so enjoyable.

Mrs Freestone would love to acknowledge the work completed by her Year 11 class but particularly mention Scarlett , Lissy, Faye, Ben, Melrose and Joe for their work on drafting their first response to the Monologue piece of Creative Writing. You have all created work which shows you are really attempting to work to the best of your ability.

Mrs Sherwood would like to acknowledge Jacob P in Year 10 for his excellent, thoughtful contributions in our live Google lessons this week. She would also like to thank Tom M in Year 10 for posing some thought provoking questions about Macbeth and character’s motivations, and is clearly engaging and thinking at a high level.

Mrs Goode would like to thank Charlotte B and Chris C in Year 10 for sharing insightful and sophisticated interpretations of Macbeth in the chat during live lessons. She says these students are really showing the way in how to make live lessons as positive and learning-focussed as possible!

Miss Humphries has nominated a Year 9 student this week: is Lola H-E for her excellent academic writing and analysis skills in her Isca Way paragraph. She has completed every piece of work to a high standard showing secure knowledge of ‘A Christmas Carol’. Well done!

Mr Page would like to nominate two Year 8 students for our Virtual English Reward: Ruby B for her consistent effort in her online learning and Harry H for his depth of analysis when he studied ‘Chimney Sweep’ by William Blake.

Year 11 – Creative Writing

The English Team want to celebrate the amazing work that Year 11 have been completing this week.  They have been asked to complete a draft piece of creative writing from a character’s viewpoint.  They have really made us feel connected with the range of engagement and beautiful pieces of writing we have had the privilege to read. We would like to share with you some of these here:

Example 1

I stood at the window watching; the snow began to flutter down like icing sugar on a cake. The cold mist steamed my window as I stood in the warmth of my house. It has been exactly one week since I did it. Down to the minute; 7 days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes, and 604,800 seconds – I still haven’t been caught.
For me the first week after a murder is crucial. The anticipation of being caught is like a never ending roller coaster. I continue to watch as the branches and birds dance coherently. The world is a busy place; we miss so much, if we just stopped for a second we would see the world through a completely different view point.
That’s why I do it.

Example 2

But the ravages of this deadly disease which disproportionately affects the socially disadvantaged, clinically vulnerable and elderly is now wielding it’s scythe at me.

Example 3

We sat and dreamt of a far away place, a clear and crystalline heaven where we could both be at peace together. We were completely inseparable in every sense of our lives, like waves lapping up at the shore that rippled back out to sea till they’re merely possible to tell apart. Our imaginations rocketed together as we dreamt of every fantasy we wanted for ourselves. We’d never explored or discovered but I felt comforted and safe, as if we were set in place for destiny.

Example 4

The sun descends now, setting with an abused and beaten shade of pink and cold, abandoned blues, ending in a sudden hum of light and then it’s gone. Darkness rules over the sky and I still sit, waiting for the twinkling stars. Above me, ominous and mysterious clouds circle like vultures and the familiar has become strange. I can’t do this without her.

Example 5

Nearly seven years, I’ve been alone: helpless, starving and today out of all the days is the worst. My desire for money from the thousands passing by is gone. My motivation to smile and wave is gone; I am empty. Alone. That’s the best way to describe this constant pain and devastation I feel. It has now become all consuming; I can no longer even bring myself to leave my sleeping bag. Confined and claustrophobic. My illness has consumed me. However, I will not be another number for the rich to pity on a spreadsheet. My fear arises and the sun falls. I fear this will be the last time I’ll see this sunset?