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The English team share the work of students each week, celebrating the excellent work they see from students in their online classrooms, written work they are receiving, and the work of Essential School students on-site in our classrooms.
Well done to all those that get a mention here, and also to everyone who is participating in and making lessons so enjoyable.

January 22nd 2021

Miss Humphries would like to nominate Layla M and Jake T in Y10 for two amazing Isca Way paragraphs on Macbeth. Both their explanation and detail of quotes shows a strong understanding of the text – well done.

Miss Lolin would like to nominate Isabella in Year 7 for her incredible effort in all English lessons to date. I have particularly enjoyed reading her ‘Isca Why Trees’ which show a clear level of understanding on the text ‘Of Mice and Men’.

Mr Holland continues to be impressed with the dedication and commitment Year 11 are showing to their online learning.

Mrs Freestone would like to congratulate a range of students for their hard work this week.  In Year 11 Dan S has been making great progress and writing a range of creative and analytical tasks to show his progress in both GCSE English Language and Literature. In Year 10 Mrs Freestone has enjoyed reading the work of Josh WH, Eva McK, Harriet H and Owen G.  Lily P has submitted her best piece of writing ever with Ruby, Nathan and Daisy’s work also helping Mrs Freestone feel connected to her students. In Year 9 Sam P has been working extremely hard and I have really enjoyed seeing the work he has been producing.

Year 10 – Macbeth

This week we would like to show you the work completed by Year 10 analysing Shakespeare’s portrayal of Macbeth in Act One.  

The English Team are focusing on the work of Year 10 this week.  The students commenced their study and understanding of Shakespeare’s truly tragic play Macbeth.  In the opinion of many of the English Team, this is one of Shakespeare’s finest pieces as it portrays the downfall of the heroic fighter ‘brave Macbeth’. The students’ engagement with the play is excellent, with many superb comments being made in lessons. Well done Year 10, Mrs Goode and Mrs Sherwood are really enjoying seeing you and we think you are adapting brilliantly to live-streamed lessons.

Recently, Year 10 were asked to analyse the way Macbeth is presented by Shakespeare to his audiences in Act One.  We have received wonderful pieces of writing with some really perceptive points provided.  We would like to highlight some of the work below:

Example 1
At the beginning of the text this is best perhaps illustrated when Macbeth says “let not light see my black and deep desires”. This implies Macbeth wants to kill the King and wants his desire to be hidden from others. In particular Shakespeare’s use of the quote “let not light see my black and deep desires” creates the image of Macbeth being thoroughly corrupt and how he is going to do the ultimate betrayal to the king. Additionally, this could also represent the Great Chain of Being and how if Macbeth lets his desires be known it will result in horrific consequences. As a result the audience is led to realise the severity of challenging the status quo and the consequences it would hold.

 Example 2
At the beginning of the text, this is again best illustrated when Macbeth says ‘stars hide your fires, let not light see my black and deep desires’ conveying that Macbeth is wanting to hide his willingness to do anything to become king, including killing the current one. In particular Shakespeare’s use of ‘black’ and ‘deep’ shows that Macbeth knows how unseemly it would be to kill the king, it goes against the natural order of things. Additionally this shows that Macbeth is corrupt and power-hungry because he is so eager to become king, to rule over everyone, that he won’t let anything stop him.