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Scholars of the Week!

Congratulations to all our scholars of the week, great nominations this week for being polite, respectful, having the highest of standards and excellence attendance. They met our new Assistant Headteacher for Scholar Development, Mr Bass! Mr Bass starts after Easter and is looking forward to meeting you all. Sorry Phoebe was missed from the photo, but she was working hard in a mock exam!

Year 7 – Rosie
Year 8 – Delilah
Year 9 – Alex
Year 10 – Andrei
Year 11 – Phoebe



Sparx Reader

Maintaining our lead…

Year 7: 7×2 and 7y3 – well done to both of Mrs Donovan’s classes!

Year 8: 8y2 – well done Miss Lolin’s class!


Scholar Shoutouts!

Daniel (Year 11) took part in the Devon Performing Arts Festival yesterday, competing against other young people across the county for their singing. Daniel won all three classes that he entered but has refused to share the photo of his haul of trophies! Well done, we are really proud of you.


Tickets can be purchased from www.ticketsource.co.uk


Tuesday 28th March 2023
Wednesday 29th March 2023
Thursday 30th March 2023


What’s happening in… Science?

This week we have been celebrating British Science Week. Our scholars have been exploring the theme of connections through their study of electrical circuits and the conductive properties of graphite. Those with a sweet tooth also enjoyed making DNA models using sweets!

Essential School

As you know, we have run ‘essential school’ for some of our scholars this week. They had a lovely time in the Music department on Thursday where 50-75% of the time was taken up with attention from Isca’s Number 1 dog… Missy! The Essential School specifically requested Mr Verney brought Missy along to the lesson so it gave them plenty of time to give her lots of hugs and the attention Missy loves so much!

Mr Verney also allowed the Essential school to use any of the wide number of instruments throughout the department so it allowed the Scholars to enjoy themselves on instruments they have not used before, especially the drum kits which were a huge/loud success! It was fantastic to see the Scholars using the MacBook’s and the instruments throughout the department and giving Missy lots of cuddles (She says thank you very much!)

Due to popular demand Essential School continued their culinary tour of Europe.  We identified foods by look, and then sampled them to work out what was in them and which country they came from.  We tried ciabatta, pitta, salami, olives (unfortunately the Greek olives did not go down as well as the Spanish ones we tried last time), pesto, taramasalata, tzatziki, dolcelatte, feta and ‘abbracci’ biscuits (so called as they represent a hug).

Although Italy beat Greece in the initial round of voting at the end of the session scholars voted Greek food as their favourite.

Climate Club – Badger Watch!

The climate club got a photo of a local fox on school grounds this week!

Well done to all of our Year 11’s who have been working through mocks this week – one week to go!

Have a lovely weekend.