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Scholars of the Week

Congratulations to this week scholars for showing politeness, respect, working hard and helping others.

Year 7 – Kiki
Year 8 – Evie
Year 9 – Lola
Year 10 – Ryan
Year 11 – Muhieddeen

What’s Happening in… Music BTEC Year 10!

We have had some new and original music being created by Music BTEC Year 10 Scholars Edward Belshaw and Sam Luscombe aka Esseny! They have created their own song titled ‘Safari Symphony’ all within Isca Academy’s very own Recording and Editing Suite. Esseny would like to thank their many fans for listening to the track which is now at over 1.2k streams (and rising) and confirmed that more music will be coming soon including merch and autographs! Mr Verney is super proud of the song and can’t wait to see what else Esseny come up with next!

Soundcloud link here!

Coronation Cake Sale and Food Bank Donations

Wow, our scholars made some amazing contributions to our Coronation Community Celebration today!

There were fantastic creations showcased in the cake sale and generous food bank donations which were gratefully received by Exeter Foodbank and St Petrock’s. A massive well done to Isca scholars for showing care about our community!

The whole school participated in a Coronation tutor session today where they looked at British identity and diversity across the school, in relation to our British Values. Hallam won the crossword competition and received a special Coronation Colin the Caterpillar to share with their family over the weekend!

Ten Tors Finish!

Ten Tors was a hugely successful venture again this year, with every single scholar doing themselves, and us, proud!

First to finish was Laurence, completing the 18 mile Jubilee Challenge and being the fastest on his route.

Next in were Isca 35 C, captained by Elsie and with Zoe and Felix.

Exe Valley Ramblers 45 followed and captained by Rosie, with Elinor, Jess, Connor, Will and Fermin.

Shortly after was Scarlett and Edwin who walked with a St James School 35 C.

Closely following them in were Lucy’s team, EVR 35 with  Will, Charlie, Robin, Isobel and Alex.

Two Isca teams then conspired to arrive at exactly the same time, from different directions:

Isca 35 B, captained by Lucia and with Isabella, Andrei, Katja, Eleanor and Henry.

Isca 45 led by Dan with Tom, Ellis, Jacob, Jay and Eden.

The 55 mile team led by Chris, with Fergus, Cosmo, Tom, Jacob and Rosa realised the cut-off finish time was outside their reach, and they were excitingly brought back to camp in one of the Merlin helicopters.

Similarly the Isca 35 A captained by Laura, with Faith, Altaf, Chaz, Grace, Meg actually completed all but 1km of their route but couldn’t make the finish time and were evacuated from the moor by road after 1800.

We are proud of every single team. Ten Tors is a challenge but above all is a team event that will live long in their memories forever. Thank you to all the members of staff and volunteers who have selflessly given up their time and weekends to encourage, develop and inspire every single child. Superbly led by Mr Adams, what a legend!!


Jurassic Coast – Year 8 – today!

The end was in sight… the scholars just didn’t know they still had a river to navigate!


We have had a successful week of year 11 French speaking exams – they have now completed 25% of their GCSE.  Spanish is coming next week… Well done all! Miss Richards, Miss Malton & Mss Knights.

To both of my Y10 classes who are working incredibly hard in preparation for their GCSE English Literature exam. Scholars have made huge progress since their mocks and are all striving for excellence! Miss Lolin.

Next week…

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Practice next Friday.

Coronation Bank Holiday Monday – enjoy the weekend, we will see you on Tuesday.