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Which tutor group can answer the most questions and have a chance to become Isca Tassomai Champions?

Starting on Monday 1st March we will be running a Tassomai Tutor Competition.

Like a football knockout competition, each tutor group will be drawn against another tutor from the year group. We will compare average Tassomai scores across the week to see who comes out on top. The participation from the preceding week will be checked on Monday 8th March, and any tasks completed up to 12pm on Sunday 7th will be included.
The winning tutor group will progress to the next round and have a chance to be crowned Tassomai Tutor Champions and win a prize for their Tutor Group.

The Order of Play

  • Week 1- First round match against another tutor group in your Year
  • Week 2- Winners from round one play in the semi-finals
  • Week 3- Year Group Final – the winners of the semi-final battle it out to be named Year Group Tassomai Champions and win a prize!
  • Week 4- Battle Royale- winners from each year group are pitted against each other and the current Tassomai leaders 11RA for the chance to win the Tassomai Tutor cup

How does it work?

You will be drawn against another tutor group from your year . At the end of the week, the group with the most ‘goals’ goes through to the next round.

There are three ways your tutor can score a “goal”:

  1. Have an average of more than 3 daily goals per person for the week
  2. Have an average accuracy of 50% or above
  3. Have an average questions correct of  100+

If there is a draw, a winner will be decided by highest total number of questions correct for the tutor group.

Many thanks to Low Carbon Estates who have kindly volunteered to sponsor the competition and enabled us to provide a winners cup and prizes.