The English Team are very proud of their Year 10s this term.  The year group have shown determination and enthusiasm when preparing for their Literature exam, which they’ll take this year:
Mr Holland is incredibly proud of the mature attitude Year 10 have shown in their approach to English literature. The quality of the ideas they are producing in class is exceptional and they are on track for some fantastic results later this year.
Miss Humphries is really proud of her Year 10s progress – particularly with their academic writing.  She thinks that they are really beginning to write impressive essays and she is looking forward to them beginning to believe in themselves more!
Mr Page has been really impressed by his class’s growing enthusiasm for the study of literature and has been especially proud of how they are beginning to write and talk like genuine academics.
Mrs Goode is really pleased with how her Year 10 class have engaged with sophisticated vocabulary when discussing the characters in ‘An Inspector Calls’. Mrs Goode is impressed with the work ethic of her students, shown in the way they approach extended writing, which will stand them in excellent stead for their Literature exam.  
Mrs Sherwood feels incredibly lucky to teach two Year 10 groups this year– she is loving their enthusiasm and their impressive growing knowledge about ‘An Inspector Calls’.  Mrs Sherwood is really enjoying the intelligent discussions around the text, and is feeling very positive about their Literature exam this year.

Miss Lolin is overjoyed with how rapidly her Year 10 class has flourished already since the start of this year. She is excited to already see their growing enthusiasm and maturity develop along with their incredible knowledge for the play ‘An Inspector Calls’. Miss Lolin always looks forward to the inspiring discussions that arise in her lessons. Miss Lolin is confident that her Year 10 class are already on the path to success.

Mrs Freestone is feeling extremely happy to have a completed a full and exciting term of learning around An Inspector Calls with her Year 10 class.  She is loving their commitment to making progress and how well they have engaged with difficult new concepts and high level vocabulary when learning about the context of this text.  She says it has been an absolute joy to be back in the classroom with this intelligent, engaging and hardworking Year 10 group. She looks forward to welcoming them back after a well deserved half term rest.